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Flowpro is a proactive and versatile plumbing maintenance company, boasting a committed team of Maintenance Plumbers who diligently address an extensive range of customer demands throughout Auckland. We take pride in our responsibility, accessibility, communication, equipped with the necessary tools and training to assist customers with any maintenance requirements our clients may have.

At Flowpro, we differentiate ourselves through:

One Stop Shop For All Your Plumbing Needs

24/7 Mobile Response Capabilities

Broad Coverage Across Auckland

Centrally located – 2 min from the motorway in Penrose


IQP Backflow & Compliance

CCTV & Drain Jetting

Drain & Toilet Unblocking

Roof, Gutter & Downpipe Services

Gas Fitting, Maintenance & Certification



  • + Emergencies: leak diagnosis and repairs
  • + Drain & toilets unblocking
    + Preventative maintenance
    + Plumbing & shower upgrades and replacements
    + Septic tanks
    + Boiler repairs and servicing
    + Roof, gutter and downpipe services
    + Gas fitting and gas certification
  • + Gas maintenance and leak detection


Flowpro have dedicated staff who are responsible for the Backflow tests and checks required as part of your Building Warrant of Fitness. We work directly for Building owners and Compliance Companies and we hold a registered IQP for Auckland, Waikato and Wellington.


We are on the road from Monday to Friday each week working through a schedule of customers so our team are very experienced with this type of work.  We will probably be due in your part of Auckland soon so contact us now if you would like us to do all your Backflow inspections.

+ Comprehensive Backflow Testing: Thorough examination of backflow prevention devices to ensure they meet regulatory standards and effectively prevent contamination of potable water sources.
+ Compliance Reporting: Preparation and submission of detailed reports documenting test results, compliance status, and any necessary remedial actions.
+ Maintenance and Repairs: Identification and rectification of any issues or deficiencies found during testing to ensure the continued integrity and functionality of backflow prevention systems.
+ Certification Assistance: Guidance and support throughout the certification process, including liaising with regulatory authorities and assisting with the completion of necessary paperwork.
+ Ongoing Monitoring: Scheduled retesting and monitoring to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and uphold the safety of potable water supplies.
+ Advisory Services: Provision of expert advice and recommendations on backflow prevention measures, system upgrades, and best practices to mitigate potential risks and ensure regulatory compliance.


Flowpro offers comprehensive solutions for your unblocking, CCTV and routine maintenance needs with state-of-the-art equipment. Our integrated P340+ flexiprobe system ensures efficient camera inspections, while our rugged, weatherproof CCTV unit delivers high-quality digital video and images. Our drain jetting equipment operates at 3000psi to swiftly address blockages.


With both CCTV and jetting equipment housed in the same van, we provide a streamlined, mobile service, reducing the number of vehicles at your premises. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we handle everything from blocked sinks to mainline blockages, offering full reports and remedial plans if needed.

+ CCTV Drain Inspections: Thorough visual assessments of drainage systems using advanced camera technology to identify blockages, damage, or other issues.

+ Drain Unblocking: Utilization of specialized equipment such as high-pressure jetting to clear blockages and restore proper flow within drainage pipes.

+ Blockage Diagnosis: Accurate determination of the cause and location of blockages through detailed analysis of CCTV footage.

+ Preventative Maintenance: Identification of potential issues before they escalate into major problems, allowing for proactive maintenance and cost savings.

+ Damage Assessment: Assessment of any structural damage or defects within drainage systems, providing insight for repair or replacement.

+ Detailed Reporting: Provision of comprehensive reports including video footage, findings, and recommendations for remedial actions.

+ Consultation and Advice: Expert guidance on drainage system maintenance, upgrades, and preventive measures to minimize future blockages and ensure optimal performance.

+ Emergency Response: Prompt response to emergency situations, offering 24/7 availability to address urgent drainage issues effectively.

We take health and safety seriously

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Enquire today about your project. Our professional team will get straight back to you.