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Our People

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Jamie Pohl

General Manager

Meet Jamie Pohl, our accomplished General Manager with a passion for excellence in the commercial plumbing industry. With a wealth of experience in Project Management, Customer Service, and Pricing & Procurement, Jamie ensures seamless project execution and client satisfaction. A skilled problem solver and safety advocate, Jamie fosters a positive team culture, driving outstanding performance from our dedicated professionals. With expertise in contract negotiation, Jamie’s leadership plays a pivotal role in the success and growth of our commercial plumbing business.

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Keval Soni

Commercial Manager

Meet Keval Soni, our dedicated Commercial Manager with a passion for driving success in the commercial plumbing industry. With a proven track record in managing projects and operations, Keval excels in delivering top-notch results. His expertise in strategic pricing and procurement ensures cost-efficient solutions without compromising on quality. Keval’s strong client relations and negotiation skills contribute to the growth of our business. As a visionary leader, he fosters a collaborative team culture, empowering our professionals to achieve excellence in every endeavor.

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Liam Dobson

Service Manager

Meet Liam Dobson, our esteemed Service Manager overseeing the Service & Maintenance plumbing department. With a deep-rooted commitment to excellence and years of industry experience, Liam ensures that our clients receive top-notch service and timely maintenance solutions. His strong leadership and technical expertise make him a reliable resource for our team members and customers alike. Liam’s dedication to delivering outstanding results has played a key role in building our reputation as a trusted provider in the plumbing industry.


Sonja Lange

Customer Service Manager

Say hello to Sonja Lange, our Customer Service Manager, who brings a wealth of expertise to our Commercial Service & Maintenance plumbing business. With a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences, Sonja ensures that our clients’ needs are met with utmost care and efficiency. Her excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities make her the go-to person for resolving any service-related inquiries. Sonja’s dedication to building strong client relationships has been pivotal in establishing our business as a trusted partner in the industry.

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Emma Clarkson

Finance Manager

Meet Emma Clarkson, our proficient Finance Manager, responsible for the financial success of our plumbing business. With a keen eye for numbers and a passion for detail, Emma ensures sound financial planning and management. Her expertise in budgeting and financial analysis empowers us to make informed decisions. Emma’s dedication to maintaining financial integrity and efficiency contributes to the growth and stability of our business, ensuring a strong foundation for future endeavors.


Mary Vea


Meet Mary Vea, our invaluable Administrator, who plays a vital role in the success of our Commercial Service & Maintenance plumbing business. With exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, Mary ensures seamless administrative operations. Her friendly demeanor and excellent communication make her a go-to person for both our team members and clients. Mary’s dedication and efficiency contribute significantly to the smooth functioning of our business, enabling us to deliver top-quality service to our valued customers.

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Ashley Waite

Commercial Plumber

Say hello to Ashley Waite, our versatile Commercial Plumbing All-rounder, who brings a diverse skill set to our dynamic team. With expertise in various aspects of commercial plumbing, Ashley plays a key role in the day to day commercial plumbing activities across multiple projects. With a keen eye for detail and a hands-on approach, Ashley ensures that projects are executed efficiently and to the highest standards. A true team player, Ashley’s adaptability and enthusiasm make a positive impact on every aspect of our business.


Ira Neuenschwander

Commercial Plumber

Meet Ira Neuenschwander, our capable Commercial Plumbing Site Manager, overseeing seamless project execution. With years of experience and a passion for excellence, Ira ensures that every site operation runs efficiently and adheres to the highest industry standards. His sharp problem-solving skills and attention to detail guarantee successful project outcomes. Ira’s leadership and dedication to safety foster a positive work environment, inspiring our team to deliver exceptional results for our valued clients.

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Matt Harvey

Commercial Plumber

Meet Matt Harvey, our skilled Commercial Plumbing Site Manager, leading successful project execution from start to finish. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Matt ensures that every site operation runs smoothly and efficiently. His expertise in problem-solving and attention to detail ensures top-notch results for our clients. Matt’s strong leadership and dedication to safety create a positive work environment, empowering our team to deliver exceptional service on every project.

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Justin Spencer

Commercial Plumber

Meet Justin Spencer, our seasoned Commercial Plumbing Site Manager, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our dynamic team. With extensive industry experience and a passion for excellence, Justin leads our projects with precision and expertise. His keen problem-solving abilities and attention to detail ensure flawless execution and exceptional results. Justin’s strong leadership and in-depth understanding of plumbing operations make him a valuable asset, fostering a culture of excellence and delivering top-quality service to our valued clients.