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Drain Jetting Services

Flowpro owns and operates top of the range equipment for all your unblocking, CCTV and routine maintenance needs. For all camera inspections we undertake services with the integrated use of the P340+ flexiprobe system.


Auckland Drain Jetting Services

Our CCTV unit is rugged, weatherproof and records high quality digital video and images.

Once blockages and obstructions are successfully identified, our drain jetting equipment operates at 3000psi to ensure a seamless service is undertaken at all times.   Our drain jetting equipment is built into the same van as the CCTV equipment so all you needs are met with one mobile unit which ensures there are fewer trade vehicles parked at your premises or site.

By using the latest technology we can take care of any drain unblocking; anything from a blocked sink to main line blockage.  CCTV is offered to ensure blockage is all cleared and we can provide a full report on what the cause was with a plan for remedial / preventative works if needed.   


Hydro Blast Drain Unblocking

CCTV Inspection & Location

Toilet, Shower & Sink Unblocking

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Drain Jetting


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